Notes for Workers

The Trojan Project is about giving young people the chance to give their views on things which the Scottish Government is making policy on, particularly related to school. Many of the young people taking part in the project are not currently in mainstream educational provision.

Those of you participating in the project will work with young people in different ways and some will work with different young people on each question. This is fine as everyone’s responses are equally valid.

artIn encouraging young people to respond, we would like workers to act as facilitators and to encourage young people to think about the process they are taking part in. The diagram below shows how the project works.

Once young people have had the chance to think about the themes in the question and give their initial responses, it is very helpful if you can help them to “unpack” these experiences a bit more - this gives greater insight into the issues behind the responses and hence a greater understanding of why particular situations arise. Ways you might prompt this could include:

It is very helpful when workers provide notes on the context of particular young people or their views as this can add depth to the responses.

If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please contact Colin or Sandra who will be happy to act as a sounding board or to give advice if necessary.

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