Best Situations

What is the best thing that has happened (or happens) to you at school?

In pulling together the views of children and young people we use a number of pieces of text or art work which they have sent. To see more artworks and larger versions please go to the Groups Taking Part pages.

Girl aged 10 - Alloa, described dancing as her best thing and went on to say that her favourite teacher was Ms M because she was the kindest teacher, and never shouts.

Girl aged 10, Alloa, "When I got picked for the nativity play when everybody wanted to be in it and I got picked."

Boy aged 10 - Alloa, "The best thing that ever happened at the school was when we were at PE we were to make up a dance. We came 1st."

Girl aged 10 - Alloa, highlighted meeting her two best friends as the best thing and "When I went to the M group."

Boy aged 10 - Alloa, "Made up a dance and had a vote and we won the vote... there was a tie and we voted again to see who won, and we won"

Boy aged 10 - Alloa, "Best thing was a week of all greens" explaining that he had good days all week, then went on to say that it was only for one week though.

Worker's comments: School has a system where pupils move through green to amber and red depending on their behaviour, green being good behaviour. Finally in groups of three they had to imagine that they had been asked to show new pupils round the school and point out the best bits. The main points to come out of this highlighted what an important figure the Janitor was as he let them help him, he was also a good laugh and plays football with them. The boy who described the goal commented that it was the janitor who had passed the ball to him which led to the goal. The dinner ladies were also highlighted as were the new facilities at the school.

Boy aged 11 - Alloa, attending primary school support - "A lot better than school, staff sit down and talk to you, have time for you. Will give you easier work if you want it, if it's too hard. Do stories with you, help you with your feelings. Just help you very much."

Worker's Comments: When asked about what this would look like, he said that the teachers would not shout, listen to us and be fair. There was some sense of injustice from this boy, who said he received 'Red Lights' for nothing, and didn't have a clear view of the school's expectations of him in terms of his behaviour.

Boy aged 11 - Alloa, "I like football and music and parties, better than art, I hate art, I don't like the teacher."

Girl aged 8 - Alloa, said she likes PE and Art, "Teacher has a nice smile." described teacher as a good teacher.   Click icon icon to hear story.

Boy aged 11 - Alloa, wrote on a sheet - "The school should treat us like Kings"

Boy aged 9 - Alloa, said he liked "Play time and dinner time, I can play with my friends. Playground helpers do games with us. The Janitor is good he referees football at playtime." This boy clearly saw the Janitor as an important person in his school life. Finally he said his "Teacher works good and doesn't shout."

Boy aged 15 - Airdrie, "What I liked at school was the holidays and the days off and getting into trouble and meeting up with my friends. I like PE because of football and I liked my drama teacher. I also liked maths because I could relax. I liked football because it wasn't really a class."

Various young people aged 12 - 16 - Stranraer, "I get to see my mates" (4 responses all said this) - "We have a chance to talk about boys/meet/go out with boys"  "Nothing at all I hate school" - "Meeting with someone to listen to me”

Primary School children - Edinburgh, "Megabowl” — "Graffiti Art” — "Football Matches”

Two girls both aged 15 - Glasgow, “Secondary teachers were moany and bossy and got me into trouble all the time. I enjoyed my classes in Secondary like art, technology and home economics. The best thing in Primary was being in a play called ‘Angel the bully and friends forever’ I was the Angel. Lots of people came to see the play and I felt so proud of myself. If I could I would do that again.”

Two boys - Aberlour, “We liked our RE teacher. He gives you pencils and you don’t have to pay for them. We watched videos - he tells us stories about everything about religion and football. He let us sit with our friends. He let us watch when the Simpson’s go to church and talk about god.”

Girl aged 15 - Glasgow, “My own experience of what I enjoyed were the teachers in Primary, they were a lot nicer, Sports Day, friends and the work was easy.”

Various young people aged 12 - 16 - Stranraer, "I like doing art stuff" - "Outdoor Education” - "Playing Football” - "When I made a car model" - "When we get to play football and sports" - "The chance to see my girlfriend because I live in the country"

Boy aged 15 - Airdrie, "My best thing at school was my teachers and my classes. The teachers I had were Mr C and Mrs B, taught Science and English and they were the only one's that could get along with me... the only classes I was allowed in. At the end of 4th year I had got two standard grades for the classes and I also liked the school holidays. I also had one day work-experience. The teachers I liked did not give me a hard time, they listened to what I had to say and they just knew how to get along with me.”

Boy aged 15 - Coatbridge, "My teacher was brand new, you could talk to him and tell him things that you could trust him with everything. I enjoyed life group, because we went out to the cinema, McDonald's, the college and the coca cola factory. It was good fun and different from school."

Boy aged 14 - Airdrie, "My best thing at school was when I was in social Education because I liked the teacher. I didn't like the lesson. I like music and I liked the teacher. I did PE, the only thing that I did was weights and I liked all my friends and dogging partners. In music I played the drums and keyboard because I was not allowed to do anything else. The reason I like these teachers is because they leave you to work at your own pace."

Girl aged 15 - Airdrie, "My best thing at school was a teacher called Mr K, he was OK, I could get a laugh with him. My drama class was good as well, we could put the music on. I like doing the different plays but the best thing is the holidays and leaving to come to RT. In school it was a bigger group and you had to try and keep up with all the brainy people."

Boy aged 15 - Coatbridge, "My best thing at school was three of my teachers because they helped me. I liked meeting my mates and I liked getting suspended and running riot. It was the teachers that caused half of the trouble. I didn't like any of them."

Girl aged 15 - Glasgow, “What I enjoyed in Primary was the Millennium Dome. Me and another boy got picked out of the whole school. It was a good experience and the songs we sang were funny. It was made up of different schools and we did some plays about Glasgow.”

Boy aged 15 - Glasgow, “We didn’t really enjoy Secondary as all the teachers were too strict but we thought Primary was much better as the teachers were not as strict about things and they were more relaxed. My best experience was when the school took us to Paris for a week. It was ok but you couldn’t do much without getting into trouble. I also liked the Sports Day as it was great fun and if you won a medal you felt really proud of yourself.”

Boy aged 15 - Glasgow, “We liked Primary better. We went to Louden castle and Sports Day together. We never went on trips in Secondary. Teachers were much better in Primary. They talk to you in a nicer manner.”

Two girls - Dundee, “I like meeting my friends there and other young people” - “I like going to English because I enjoy writing stories”

Girl aged 14 - Glasgow, “We agreed that we had no good experiences in Secondary but we loved Primary. We discussed the things we liked the most and agreed Primary was more relaxed, teachers less strict and weren’t always in your face. Sports Day was good.”

Two girls - Dundee, “I like staying in the Support for Learning Base” - “My teachers take care of me”

Two boys - Aberlour, “We liked our art teacher - he was a good teacher - if you asked him to draw something for you he’d draw it for you. He never shouted at you. He thinks if he shouts at people they will retaliate. He thinks pupils shouting back will be excluded. He let you go to the toilet when you needed to go. He tells jokes about all sorts - he gave us free periods - just let us draw. He let me go into his class instead of sitting outside the office.”    Click icon icon to hear story.

Young person - Aberlour, “My school friends are good to me. They help me some of them even help me understand about school and the school rules. My classroom teachers. They are sometimes nice to me and sometimes not. When they are nice to me they don’t shout at me. They talk to me about school and how important your education is. They say they hope you do well in your exams.”   

 Various young people - Aberlour,
"Meeting all my best mates" - "I loved my head teacher" - "I had some class teachers" - "I felt good when I went to school" - “I liked my Maths and English teachers they were a good laugh so it was good to go into their classes.”

Young person - Aberlour, “My guidance teacher being there for me - he helps me and he is always there for me when I have problems. I have three good friends at school - I have more but they are all right as well.”

Young person - Aberlour, "My guidance teacher asks me if I have any problems - he’ll send me to the school nurse because she will talk about my problems and try to understand. When nice things, like not getting into trouble, school’s good then. I’ve got to be good next term and be a good example to my brother. I had some really good laughs in my English - the teacher used to tell stories about when he was younger about his dogs and his sons and wife."  Click icon icon to hear story.

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “Math’s because it’s better than any other subject, I enjoy math’s because I’m good at it. History at school is also good I like the subject. I had a befriender for 4 years she took me out all the time.”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “PE is the best thing that happens to me at school, playing football. Some teachers are good. Mrs X and Mrs Y they have a laugh instead of moaning they are kind teachers that know how to treat you.”

Boy aged 15 - Edinburgh, “The best thing that happened to me is going on a ski-ing residential, it was the most fun and we learnt how to ski. I also did water ski-ing at school.”

Boy aged 15 - Edinburgh, “The best thing that happens to me is to get opportunities to go out on activities at school, its good to do other things than work. I had more pals at mainstream but there are less people at this school, which is good, less people to muck about with and more attention.”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “The best things that happen to me at school are Christmas dinner, rock climbing, outdoor Education, opportunity to go quading, playing pool and play station at breaks, going to Scotland Yard activity center and teachers that only shout for a good reason.”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “Nothing - I was going to get the blame for something at primary so my mum moved me, I got stabbed at another school mum moved me again and then didn’t settle at my next school.”

Boy aged 15 - Edinburgh, "The best thing that happens to me at school is going out on trips to see and do different things. Doing home economics is good because I like cooking, learning new stuff, doing rather than writing. I also like PE, playing football, basketball, running around keeping fit.”  Click icon icon to hear story.

Boy aged 15 - Edinburgh, “The best thing that happens to me at school is the holidays. I get a wee bit of help from the pupil participation worker, he helped me say what I wanted in my PSG. Got treated like a normal person at last school. Get to do CDT and I want to be a mechanic when I’m older."

Boy aged 15 - Edinburgh, “The best thing that happens to me at school is going on trips like to Lazer Quest. Good teachers kind and nice to all of her students and gave us sweets for good work. Doing Home Economics because I like cooking and doing practical things, she’s a good teacher, kind and calm, doesn’t shout.”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, "The best thing that happened to me at school was when I started playing football for my school team. I played for one primary, secondary school and now at another. It’s important because I just love playing football. I feel excited and good if I do well. I also like PE cos I like doing sports. I also like Home Economics because I like cooking and want to be a chef. I think it would be good to get fresh teachers once and a while, a change of faces so its new and fresh.”

Boy aged 15 - Edinburgh, “I enjoy cooking best it’s a laugh. I had a good teacher at school, she was good at her subject and made it interesting. It’s also good that we get to play pool at breaks.”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, "I had Mr B, the outdoor education teacher, some of the time I liked going skiing with him, he didn’t chuck us out of class, he gave us a lecture on how to behave and if we didn’t behave we didn’t get to go out. You could also have a laugh. I would have school 7 days a week that would be good, except Christmas I really like that. It gets boring in the holidays and you don’t get taught. Best thing about my current school is one teacher, you can have a laugh and she’s kind. Also in CDT we get to do new projects I haven’t done before.” 

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “The best thing that happens to me at school is doing PE because we get to play one-touch football, it’s running about keeping fit. I get on with my social worker, I’ve had him since P7, this is a good thing. He’s helped with my behaviour at school and takes me out like a befriender, he’s a good person.”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “The best thing about school is when we get to do archery, rock climbing, mountain biking, and football. I also like CDT because I like making things and get a sense of achievement when I’ve made something and HE because I like to cook because you are just doing things.”  Click icon icon to hear story.

Girl aged 15 - Glasgow, “Secondary had no positive things about it. Primary was good because the teachers were more laid back and I personally think there is more for the kids.”

Young person aged 12 - Stranraer, "Nothing except playing football on a Wednesday.

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, "Good teachers, happy teachers they come to you when you want them to. Too many pupils in other classes. Outdoor Education, kayaking and climbing gets me out of school, its good fun and you learn whilst your mucking about with the skills needed.”

Various young people - Edinburgh,
"Science” - "Volunteering at Gorgie City Farm” - "Music Teacher” - "School Dinners” "Computers” - "Regi Class”  - "Art” - " Cooking/Home Economics”

Boy aged 14 - Edinburgh, “The best thing that has happened to me at school is trips out with the pupil participation team doing good things, taking us nice places.”

Young person - Aberlour, "This place has done everything. Makes me good in School, try to be good anyway. Helped me to stop skiving - helped me not to be cheeky. Helped me do my work. We have a laugh. They talk to me about school and why they have rules. They say I need to calm my behaviour down and not to be cheeky to teachers 'cos it just gets me into more problems'. They talk to my Mum and Dad - they talk to the school as well and tell them what I’ve told you - why I am being bad.

Various young people aged 12 - 16, "History” - "Orcadia (art centre)” - "Meadowbank (sports center)” - "The school art club"  

Girl - Dumfries, “The best thing that happened to me was when my friend fell out with me and a few days after that they came and made back up with me.”

Girl - Dumfries, “Getting back into school after being absent for 6 months is the best thing the has happened to me in school.”

Boy - Dumfries, “The best thing that’s happened to mw was when I joined the ice hockey at the ice-bowl. Coaching takes place every second Friday - it’s blooming brilliant! This is part of an activity group that a few young people go to but I’m probably the best skater on the ice, it also helps you to play Ice Hockey and teaches you to skate. The coach is Canadian and plays for the Sharks, which is a really good ice hockey team. If I stay with the ice hockey development I could probably play for them some day.”
Various young people - Dumfries, “Getting full marks.” - “Building work at Craft and Design.” - Going to Spain in Primary School.” - “Ice hockey and Barncaple Outdoor Centre.”

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